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Castles, mansions and citadels

The Transylvanian castles are lesser-known goals, but here they have divided their properties not less than 100 noble families. Of Hungarian, French, Croatian, Jewish or Czech origin, the Castilian people of the Middle Ages left behind a barrage of stories and legends. The Transylvanian hills hide the hundreds of years old castles, belonging to the important families of the area: Apafi (Mălâncrav, Dumbrăveni), Haller (Mihai Viteazu) or Bethlen (Criş). Similarly, the cities of the Transylvanian Hills are still unknown to the general public. Of medieval origin or even before this time, they hide mysteries and interesting stories, which are worth discovering in peace.

Sukosd Castle in Racoş

Bethlen Castle in Criș

Brukenthal Summer Residence in Avrig

Apafi Mălâncrav Mansion

The peasant fortress from Saschiz

Rupea Fortress

Heading 1

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