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Sustainability Policy

Here, at the Transylvanian Highlands, we are committed to promoting and practicing responsible and sustainable tourism. We dedicate ourselves to protecting and conserving the natural and cultural beauty of this region, ensuring it remains a special destination for future generations. Our sustainability policy is based on the following principles and commitments:

Conservation and restoration of nature and biodiversity

  • We work closely with environmental organizations and local authorities to protect and restore the unique natural habitats and biodiversity of the region.

  • We promote sustainable agricultural practices and responsible land management to conserve biodiversity and protect soil and water resources.

Responsible use of resources

  • We pledge to efficiently use energy and natural resources, reduce waste, and promote recycling and composting.î We use durable building materials and renewable energy resources, prioritizing local and sustainable production.

Engagement and support for the local community

  • We involve the local community in planning and implementing development and conservation initiatives.

  • We support traditional crafts and local businesses, thereby contributing to the maintenance of the community's cultural and economic identity.

Education and awareness

  • We develop environmental and tourism education programs for visitors, guides, and the local community to promote understanding and respect for the environment and local traditions.

  • We encourage responsible behavior and raise awareness about individual and collective impacts on the environment.

Monitoring and impact assessment

  •  We continuously monitor the impact of tourism activities on the environment and the local community, evaluating the effectiveness of our protection and conservation measures.

  • We are committed to openly communicating and transparently reporting monitoring results, taking corrective actions when necessary.

We are proud to contribute to making the Transylvanian Highlands a model of sustainable and responsible tourism. Through collaboration with the local community, visitors, and our partners, we strive to protect and promote this beautiful region for future generations.

For more information about our sustainability commitment or to support our efforts, please contact us.

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