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Flora and fauna observation

A walk in the Breite Secular Oak Reserve
Credit photo - Teodora Tanczos

Follow the butterflies - over 600 species spread out yearly through the high natural grasslands in the Transylvanian Highlands. Traditional land-care methods, used here for generations, have created a home for these fine indicators of biodiversity quality.

Follow the footsteps of the forest creatures and learn more about the life and habits of the most ancient ”locals”: the beaver, the wolf, the deer, the brown bear or the wild cat. And if you meet one of these, notice it discreetly, but carefully, not forgetting that you have a magnificent wild animal in front of you.

Notice the fascinating world of birds in a highly attractive Natura 2000 area. The purity of vegetation and the existence of areas that are not yet modernized are perfect for nesting. More than 20,000 migratory birds return here year after year to teach their nestlings and fledglings to fly. Lesser spotted eagle, storks, woodpeckers, herons or swans - discover them in the sky or hidden in the most unusual places.


The natural picture is complemented by a rich network of valleys with naturally flowing streams, creating large meanders. This enables the development of specific meadow vegetation, with willows and poplars, important habitats for many species of flora and wildlife that provide important ecological services. With such a splendid natural scenery, it is also normal that over 37 species of birds live or flock here for nesting.


Quietly observe the fascinating world of those birds in this exceptional Natura 2000 protected area. The purity of the vegetation and the existence of areas still untouched by modern society and demands are perfect for nesting. Over 20,000 migratory birds return here year after year to teach their chicks to fly. Lesser spotted eagles, stingrays, owls, storks, woodpeckers, herons or swans – explore their lives in the plain sky or hidden in the most unusual places. 

You can easily meet them especially in summer.

Natura-Pasari-AcvilăTipătoareMică (c)Cat

Looking for a hike of the beaten tracks? Try our recommended routes or plan it on your own.

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Photo credit: Cătălin Fuciu, Florentina Florescu, Mihai Dragomir

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