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Scenic trails

Slowly explore Transylvanian Highlands on old connection routes between villages, on quit trails, far away from intense car traffic. Impressive fortified churches, High Nature Value pastures and meadows, wonderful misterious forests, traditional crafts, skilled farmers, breathtaking views, people and stories. They will all enchant your soul and you will remember them for a long time. 

There are many options for you to discover the last trully authentic medieval landscape in Europe who’s culture has been almost unchanced for centuries.


On foot, on horse or on bike – the choice is yours!

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MBM - Mediaș Bike Marathon

Discover  Transylvanian Highlands on the beautiful routes around the Medias fortress.

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Via Transilvanica – Terra Saxonum

Inspired by pilgrimage trails in Spain and endurance trails in the United States

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Transylvania Bike Trails (TBT)

The ADEPT MTB path, as it is also known, connects 3 UNESCO monuments

Discover the villages and their scenic surrounding
On foot , on horseback or by bicycle - the choice is yours  

Transylvanian Highlands are a place of beauty, myths and legends. Before you discover the trails, get familiar with some simple rules destined to make your journey as good as you want it to be:

  1. Plan your trip and get information about the segments you wish to visit. 

  2. Do not leave alone or inform others if you chose so. Transylvanian Highlands are much more interesting when you share the experience with your family and friends.

  3. Adapt your route to your and your fellow companions’capabilities.

  4. Leisure hiking and biking are not a competition. Conserve your energy. There is no shame in turning around if you get overwhelmed. Back-up choises are limitless!

  5. Always check wheater conditions. There are sections that may become unaccessible on heavy rain.

  6. If you see wild animals, stay away and don’t provoke them. Remeber ! We are the visitors in their natural habitat. 

  7. Avoid hiking and biking in the forest during hunting season (October to March), unless you have accurate information. Trails are most recommended between April and September.

  8. Be aware of shepfold’s dogs. It is reccommended that you get off the bicycle and move slowly aways from the shepfold. If necessary, use the bicycle or your backpack as a shield.

  9. Make sure you have proper equipment and be prepared for bad weather: hiking shoes, rain coat, waterproof clothing, food and water etc

  10. Always have a small first aid kit with you, just in case.

  11. It is reccommended that you have a detailed (not touristic) map with you. This is how you will always know where you are. Not all areas have GSM coverage.

  12. Do not light the fire in the forest of grazing areas and do not throw lid cigarettes.

  13. Be a part in preserving this unique landscape, take only memories and beautiful pictures with you. Leave a smaller carbon footprint of yout trip in Transylvanian Highlands and always take the trash with you, don’t leave it in the woods.

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