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Brunching and regional gastronomy

If you like to eat well, you've come to the right place! 

Relish on countless experiences that will delight your senses.  Enjoy them quietly and with time, like the Saxons used to say, „langsam aber sicher” – „slowly but surely.” 

Feel the taste of the Transylvanian Highlands and you will be fascinated by the local products. Take a journey back in time and rediscover your childhood flavors and sensations or discover new tastes and unique experiences – a truly multicultural cuisine, because here you can find delicious Romanian, Saxon, Hungarian, even Western European dishes or whose origin is so old that no one knows where they come from.



When on vacation in such beautiful landscape as Transylvanian Highlands, people often get the feeling of going back to the roots, to the basic simple life in harmony with nature.

Instead of mum’s or grandma’s cooking, how about a local’s mum or grandma?


The housewives of the Transylvanian Highlands are using season vegetables, fruits, plants and spices grown in their own gardens, meat, milk and eggs from their yard or that of their neighbors', but also fruits of the wild nature (wild berries or spontaneous flora ).


Photo credit: Daniel Secărescu, Cristina Iliescu, WWF Romania, Mihai Stetcu, Tudor-Dan Ravoiu


Look for this logo for certified local gastronomy points:


In Transylvanian Highlands, regional gastronomy is a key ingredient. Flavors such as tarragon, cumin, cinnamon, gooseberry or rhubarb, invite you to taste amazing courses, like sweet or dried fruit soups. If you like to cook, you can find out (or steal) the secrets of the multiethnic kitchen, somehow eclectic here, participating in varied events on gastronomic themes, whether it is a rich brunch in the yard of a local, a picnic on the top of a hill with a special view or a tasting of traditional or reinterpreted products. 


Do not miss the traditional fairs and local markets where you can take home, for friends and family, small samples of the tastes that have impressed you.

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Alma Via Guesthouse

Cobor Biodiversity Farm

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