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Villages with fortified churches

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Hiking and Biking trails

UNESCO Heritage Sites

Bordered by the Târnava Mare, Hârtibaciu and Olt rivers, Transylvanian Highlands reveal a scenery as varied as it is enchanting: mysterious forests, high nature value pastures and meadows with slopes, eagles and bears, but also fortified churches and villages that look like taken out of a fairytale. Breathe in the wild nature and enjoy quiet moments in the largest continental Natura 2000 protected area in Romania.

Discover the surprising story of the Saxons that came here in the Middle Age and of other nationalities (Romanian, Hungarian etc) or ethnic  groups that have been living here together for centuries. Step beyond the asphalt roads on trails used for centuries by the locals, who will open their homes and their soul and invite you into their world. You will find that this universe still follows often forgotten rules: those of nature and of balance with the environment.

Europe's last authentic medieval landscape is in Transylvanian Highlands!

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