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Go beyond the asphalt, on the roads that have been walked on for centuries by the locals, who will open the doors to their houses and to their souls and will invite you into their world. This unique universe functions according to different rules, those of nature and of balance in the environment.

Transylvanian Highlands is a versatile destination that can accommodate different interests. You came to the right place if you:

  • Wish for a slow-living place

  • Are looking for a bit of adventure

  • Prefer almost unspoiled century old nature

  • Appreciate local culture and traditions

  • Enjoy simple culinary delights

By bike

more than 500 kilometers of marked trails


Flora and fauna

chase butterflies, admire the colors of the meadows, observe the animals

In the saddle

trotting or galloping, complete freedom


Regional cuisine

try traditional Romanian, Saxon, Hungarian, Armenian recipes

By foot

off the beaten tracks, along old roads from the Middle Age


Family time

someting fun for everyone to enjoy nature

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