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Cycling draisine

Try an unusual experience - a mix between the trolley and the bicycle!

It is, in fact, a light vehicle, similar to a pedal-operated wagon, which serves for easy transportation on the old narrow railroad along the Hârtibaci. 

Built between 1895 and 1910, the line was over 120 km long, connecting Sibiu to Sighişoara and was the longest narrow gauge route in Romania at that time. "Mocăniţa" ran until the mid-1960s when the difficulty of the route (steep slopes and tight curves), the high operating costs and the construction of the road connecting Sighişoara to Agnita caused the closure of the segment. In time, it was also dismantled, except for the section between Agnita and Sibiu, which survived and functioned until 2002. Today, through the effort of some loving and determined volunteers, the mercenary's route is redeemed in a novel way, through the power of man-power, on a section of about 10 km, between the villages of Cornăţel and Hosman.

Today, thanks to the effort of a hanfull of dedicated volunteers, the „mocăniţa” route is being restored to its glory in a very unique way: by the force of the „man-power”. 

For those that prefer a less active exploration, a motor-trolley is also available, equipped with a strong old Trabant engine.

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