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How to Get Here

There are five main access points to Transylvanian Highlands: Sighisoara, Mediaş, Făgăraș, Sibiu (at 10 km off the south-west border of the destination) and Brașov (at 60 km).


Near-by airports:

  • Sibiu (SBZ) -

    • Sibiu - Sighișoara - 90 km

    • Sibiu - Agnita - 45 km

    • Sibiu - Rupea - 123 km

    • Sibiu - Mediaș - 56 km

  • Târgu Mureș (TGM) - 

    • Târgu Mureș - Sighișoara - 53 km

    • Târgu Mureș - Agnita - 96 km

    • Târgu Mureș - Rupea - 105 km

    • Târgu Mureș - Mediaș - 61 km

  • Brașov (LRBV) - 

    • Brașov - Sighișoara - 118 km

    • Brașov - Agnita - 110 km

    • Brașov - Rupea - 64 km

    • Brașov - Mediaș - 147 km

  • Cluj Napoca (CLJ) - – at 200 km

    • Cluj Napoca - Sighișoara - 155 km

    • Cluj Napoca - Agnita - 160 km

    • Cluj Napoca - Rupea - 208 km

    • Cluj Napoca - Mediaș - 123 km

Airlines that operate in the area: Austrian AirlinesLufthansaTarom, WizAir, Blue Air, Ryanair, Swissair, Aeroexpres Regional, HiSky, LOT Polish Airlines, Turkish Airlines.


By car: 

The main access points are:

  • E60 / DN13 that connects Brașov to Târgu Mureș through Sighișoara 

  • E68 / DN1 connects Sibiu and Braşov, through Fagaras and delimits the southern side of the destination. 

  • National road DN14 that connects Sighișoara to Mediaș, 

  • County road DJ106 that connects the city of Sibiu to Sighișoara.


A map showing the state of the roads in Romania is available for download here.


Coming from the capital Bucharest, the traffic on the E60 / DN1 roads (Bucharest - Brașov - Sighişoara), respectively DN7 (Bucharest - Sibiu) is crowded, usually Friday afternoon and evening, Saturday morning, but also Sunday (after lunch), on the return route.

A map with traffic intensity forecast is available for download here.


By train:

The rail network is represented by one main line in the north of the destination, which connects Brasov-Sighișoara-Mediaș and another on in the south, with connects Brasov-Făgăraş-Sibiu, parts of the Pan-European Corridor IV, as well as a narrow gauged line on the Sibiu-Agnita route, currently impracticable.

A journey by train from other European countries to the Transylvanian Highlands takes 10-13 hours (from Budapest to Sibiu or Brasov) to 24 hours (from Frankfurt to Sibiu).


International train programs to and from Romania can be obtained at:


By bus

There are numerous bus routes connecting Transylvanian Highlands, specifically the main cities on the border (Sibiu, Mediaş, Sighişoara, Rupea and Făgăraş) with destinations all accross Europe: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Croatia, Denmark, Switzerland, France, Germany, Greece, Holland, Hungary, Italy, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, United Kingdom etc

To check the bus schedule and fares, go to

If the offers of the buses do not suit your needs, carpooling could be a good alternative.

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