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Sukosd Castle in Racoş

The castle, the only fortified monument of ancient Hungarian culture in Brasov county and one of the few examples of Renaissance architecture in Transylvania, is strategically located in the Racoş depression. The latter linked in the Middle Ages the Saxon administrative seats with the Szekler ones, through the Olt gorge. 

Errected in 1624 by the Sükösd family, it was more destined to be inhabited, the defense role of the ensemble being secondary, despite the fortress military aspect. Of the four corners of the enclosure, only three have survived, in the form of tall circular towers, that had habitable rooms or lounges. On the western side of the complex laid a big park and vast cultivable lands;  the north and east of the fortification were dedicated to annexed buildings, stables and gardens. The ensemble was started by the Sükösd family, developed by the Bethlen family and a property of the Teleki family

During communist era, the castle was used as the local agriculture cooperative, stables and grain warehouse and was partially demolished to allow access for the machines. Later on, one of the towers has becomed a fire station, and the 1977 earthquake affects the whole structure. 

At present, the Sükösd-Bethlen Castle, a monument of particular historical and architectural importance, has no precise function and cannot be used because of its precarious state. The restoration interventions that took place in the 1990s were not completed.

Visiting program: on request. 

On the castle gate you will find a phone number answered by a lady from the village, who lives in the immediate vicinity. 

Price: suggested donation - 10 lei.

The castle is easily accessible - located in the center of the village. 

To reach Racoș, follow the road sign on the DN13 road (which connects Sighișoara with Brașov), positioned between Hoghiz and Rupea.

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