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The peasant fortress from Saschiz

The peasant fortress of refuge was erected on the site of a Neolithic fortification (palisades, earth waves, deep and semi-deep and surface dwellings) and sheltered, in times of danger and war, inhabitants of Saschiz, Archita, Criţ, Cloaacerf, Daia and Adamsdorf (a small village, which disappeared in time, located between Saschiz and Daia), Diavaldia and Abzen (small, missing villages, between Saschiz and Cloaesterf). 

It was also called the Fortress of the 7 villages: its construction began around 1347, an inscription on the west wall of the fortress indicating that this would have been the year the works were started. The vast fortification system is composed of: the entrance courtyard and the main enclosure with the 7 towers, some of which were inhabited. Very important to mention is that one of the towers was called the school tower, which shows the interest of the local population for education. Inside the fortress there was a pond and a 50 m deep fountain, about which the legend says that it would have links through an underground tunnel with the fortified church in Saschiz.

The fortress will not be able to be visited until 2023, due to the restoration works taking place there. 

We will keep you informed as soon as it is reopened to the public.

Follow the specific signs from Saschiz center.


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