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Apafi Mălâncrav Mansion

Built over 600 years ago and hidden at first sight, the mansion is right next to the fortified church in the village. 

It offers you the most beautiful panorama of the village, but also an opportunity to feel a little of the medieval atmosphere of one of the important families of Transylvania at that time. This is the Apafi noble family, who built the building and held it until the 12th century. XVIII, when, without heirs, the castle passed into the possession of another important noble family in the area: Bethlen. In 1920, the mansion was donated to the Saxon community and transformed into a cultural home, and in 1949, it was confiscated by the communists. 

Apafi Mansion is now a special guest house, with 5 spacious rooms, balcony, library, a large living room, a garden restored with an artesian fountain that takes you to other times. Its restoration (coordinated by the Mihai Eminescu Foundation) lasted 5 years and was awarded with the "Europa nostra" award

Languages spoken: Romanian, German, English. 

Contact: +40 724 000 349 

We recommend announcing the visit at least 24 hours in advance

You can reach Apafi Manor by car, but also by foot, bike or horse, using Transylvanian Highland scenic trails.

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