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Free commune of the old Fundus Regius, Copşa Mare owned the most extensive and famous wine plantations in the Wine Country. Historians assume that the settlement was founded in the second half of the century. XIII, first mentioned in 1283. About the same time, the church is built of stone like a Gothic basilica with 3 ships and a tower. At the beginning of the sixteenth century, the fortification appears, by raising the walls above the main ship and making draft holes. The ensemble of the fortified church differs from all the others by its placement in space, the silhouette of the church being molded on the relief shapes. This aspect gives the viewer the impression that the church fortress rises directly from the eastern hill, on which it is located. In the sec. In the eighteenth century, the church receives several baroque elements, such as the canopy, the pulpit and the chapel. In the sec. 19th century, the Gothic altar is replaced by a classicist dated 1854. With the massive departure of the Saxon community, for safety reasons, the original altar, with wooden statues, was restored and displayed in the sacristy of the parish church in Sibiu.   Visiting program: April - October - Monday - Sunday, 08:00 - 20:00, with telephone programming for groups November - March - only for groups, with telephone programming The keys are to Mrs. Isabela Schuster tel .: +40 731 893 772 address: Copșa Mare no. 237 Languages spoken: Romanian, English, German   Discover in Copșa Mare - The museum collection of icons on glass of the Orthodox priest of the village - a skilled beekeeper in his spare time - Mr. Bica Ioan - no. 144, +40 741 029 612, +40 773 743 195, +40 269 868 310, - Mr. Jordan's Fish Workshop - +40 720 619 475, - Admire the museum collection of Mrs. Ilea Maria - weaver   Be active in a protected area and discover the surrounding hills on foot, by cart or by bicycle, which if you do not have with you, you can rent [I30] from the village pensions. Here are some options: o Copşa Mare - Pelişor, blue band path + red cross o Copşa Mare - Agnita, blue band trail + red cross + red band + red cross o Copşa Mare - Sighişoara, blue strip route + red strip For more routes, see recommended routes [I31] or or plan your own route [I32].

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