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Feel the lively multiculturality of the Transylvanian Hills, through a visit to the fortified evangelical church, located at 20 km from Mediaş. The 4 towers and the access building house specific exhibits for the traditional multiethnic values (Romanian, Saxon and Roma) from Transylvania. Alma Vii, a village with 200 houses and about 400 souls, is part of the commune of Moşna and is located just 16 km from Biertan, on the road to Mediaş (DJ141B). The name of Alma Vii is lost in legends and stories: some believe that it comes from the word "almo" (elm in Old German), others that it could derive from the Hungarian word "alma" (apple) and from the many orchards of fruit trees in the village. The first documentary mention dates from 1289, as the locality that depended on the Mediaș Chapter, and between 1356 and 1872, it is a free commune of the Mediaș Chair. The attraction of the village is obviously the fortified church, as beautiful as Biertan, but not as well known yet. Raised at dawn. XIV and fortified at the beginning of the century. In the 16th century, the church is surrounded by an enclosure wall, with four defense towers, facing the four cardinal points. In the bell tower it was habitable on its first level, being provided with fireplace. The gate tower is equally interesting, having 5 levels, three of which are equipped with defensive systems and a guard on the last level.   The keys are found in the Ghebena family tel .: +40 733 028 279 House no. 185   The inhabitants of Alma Vii are a story in itself, which you must come to know - they take care of crops, orchards and animals, grow bees, work at the blacksmith shop, carpenter, basket, embroider with passion and cook delicious, according to recipes kept. from ancestors. Locals today represent a mix of cultures, but also a model of harmony. Alma Vii is one of the few villages with an active population and a well-preserved built heritage.   Discover in Alma Vii · Center for the interpretation of traditional culture Alma Vii o Program: § Winter 10:00 - 15:00 § Summer: 10am - 1pm, 3pm - 6pm. o Suggested donation: adults 10 lei, 5 lei children. o Languages spoken: English, Romanian a dedicated app available on AppStore and Google Play: Alma Vii o · Taste the local fruit syrups and sweets, made in the Ganea family home, contact: · Learn to make homemade soap from Mrs. Moses, +40 269 862 558 · Visits the masonry and coal in the village   Be active in a protected area and discover the surrounding hills on foot, in a cart or on a bicycle, which if you do not have with you, you can rent [I14] from the village pensions. Here are some options: o Alma Vii - Fox, red band trail + red cross o Alma Vii - Moşna, route - red band + red cross o Alma Vii - Richiş, route - red cross + red band + blue cross For more routes, see the recommended routes [I15] or or plan your own route [I16]

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