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Step into nature: Help us improve the trails in the Transylvanian Highlands!

Updated: Jul 9

photo: Denisa Bobeș

With the summer season in full swing and nature in full bloom, we invite you to join our efforts to maintain and improve the ecotourism trails in our eco-destination, the Transylvanian Highlands.

If you've had the chance to explore our trails, we kindly ask you to share your experience with us! In our continuous effort to enhance infrastructure and provide an optimal experience for those visiting the area between Sibiu, Mediaș, Sighișoara, Rupea, and Făgăraș, your feedback is extremely valuable.

Each response from you helps us better understand how we can maintain and develop our trails sustainably and in harmony with the environment. We want to ensure that every step you take in these wonderful landscapes is enjoyable and safe.

Within our eco-destination, the Transylvanian Highlands, you can enjoy:

  • Hiking trails that lead you through picturesque landscapes

  • Cycling paths suitable for all levels of experience

  • Opportunities to observe local flora and fauna in their natural habitat

We encourage you to complete the questionnaire by clicking the link below and share your ideas and suggestions for improving ecotourism infrastructure in the Transylvanian Highlands:

Your contribution is essential for the conservation and promotion of ecotourism in the Transylvanian Hills. We invite you to be part of our collective effort to protect and enhance these unique natural landscapes.

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