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Located during a small tributary of Târnave Mari, the settlement of Valchid owes its first documentary mention to a conflict of 1345 in which the peasants from Valchid were interrogated in the process of robbing the Saxons from Curciu and other villages belonging to the neighboring localities, the New Sassesc and Roandola. . Pope Boniface IX granted in 1390 an indulgence to the church in Waldhütten, with the dedication of the Apostle Andrew. Waldhütten could be translated "forest hut". This conflict lasted more than 450 years. In 1605 the village and the church were plundered, in 1776 the land dispute was finally concluded, but only a few years later the whole village was destroyed by fire. The end of dry. XIX the community living in viticulture is badly hit by the phylloxera attack, which destroys many lives. More than half of the inhabitants are forced to emigrate.   The evangelical church dates from 1390, is built in mature Gothic style and has no tower. The year 1507, incised in the plaster of the south wall of the choir, below the eaves, probably indicates the moment when the vault of the choir was raised, a semicylindrical vault with penetrations, clad in a rhomboid network of terracotta ribs, similar to that of the church choir in Bazna, only three years before. The brown-red and gray-yellow sandstone enclosure has an almost rectangular shape, being modified only by cutting the southwest corner, to adapt to the course of the stream. The walls were erected at the beginning of the 16th century, and a century later there were already 5 defense towers. Church contact: Mrs. Karin Crișan, tel .: +40/788/039 837 - visit available by appointment   What you can do at Valchid: · Enjoy an exceptional lunch from Mrs. Karin, who also holds the key to the church + "more details": The eastern tower with six levels and wooden defense served at the same time as a gate and bell tower. Only the south tower collapsed at the end of the century. XIX, the others being preserved until today. The interior of the church's nave is defined by the classic sailing vaults, and the choir still retains the vault in the mesh on the brick ribs of 1507. The furniture of which the altar with the organ stand, the pulpit and the chapel dates from the beginning of the century. 19th century.   The vault of the church collapsed following an earthquake in 1916 and was replaced by a plank of planks. For the construction of the fortification, large quantities of stone were brought by Vales Lapes - Lăpușului)

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