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New Sassy The history of the village (Noandref, in German) dates from the 20th century. XIII when the first Saxons appeared in the area. According to oral sources, the first settlements were somewhere upstream than the present settlement, a place called the Stone Fountain. There were the first animal breeders in the village. According to written sources and old constructions, the lands and forests belonged to the Hungarian baron Apafi, after which also the Hungarian name of the village. According to other sources, the village moved to the present fireplace after Ottoman guests burned down the old settlement, where there was even a church, a fact suggested by the story of the bells in the evangelical church. The big bell that was found in the old fireplace of the village, was so big because it could only be transported after melting and pouring into three other bells, which you can admire in the evangelical church today. Thus, according to Saxon sources, the church was rebuilt on the current site (up on a hill about 100 meters above the village) precisely in order to be able to withstand more against the co-owners. Today it belongs to the commune of Laslea.   What you can visit in New Saxony: - The Orthodox Church - Catholic Church - The beekeeper from the village, who is also a carpenter, Mr. Klusch: no. 266; 0742146511, 0269428302;   + "more details": The Saxons named the village Neudorf, a theory disputed by those who claim that the name is neither more nor less than the German translation of the village's Latin name: NEW VILLA). Until the Saxons left, the village population was always predominantly Saxon (about 2/3). Today, Romanians and Roma are predominant, the first ones being established in the south of the village from the beginning. The current population of the village does not exceed 300 people. The aspect of the village has been largely preserved, which makes it an attraction in itself.

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