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Daia, formerly Daia Săsească (in the Saxon Doendref, Dändref dialect), is a village in the Apold commune in the county of Mureș. Daia is part of the first and main settlement area in Transylvania of the Saxon colonists, starting with the 19th century. of the twelfth. The documents attest to the existence of a Saxon community in Daia since 1260, which places the village among the oldest in this region. Certified in 1280 (the same year as Sighisoara), under the name of Dalia, in Daia you will find perhaps the highest church tower in the Romanian rural area (63 m). Constructed in 1801, from the remains of the old tower (degraded and demolished), this construction is symbolic and easily recognizable due to the clock installed in 1904.

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