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Accession: The village is located 17 km from Sighisoara, on DJ 143, accessible from the village of Daneş, the residence of the commune of the same name, of which the village of Criş belongs.     Long ago Criș (in the Kraeš dialect in Saxony, in Kreisch in German, in Keresd in Hungarian), the village has a separate past from the other Saxon villages. Like Melâncrav (domain of the Apaffy family), Cris was not a free village, but a village of Saxon servants belonging to the Bethlen noble family. A noble enclave, caught between so many free Saxon villages in the vicinity, Criş always had a mixed population of Romanians, Saxons and Hungarians. The most valuable attraction of the village is the Bethlen Castle - the most beautiful Renaissance castle in Transylvania, in the middle of a beautiful park. The story of the castle is worthy of the Romans: originally built as a fortress, according to the German model, the construction is transformed into a castle at the beginning of the century. XV. Over time, the image of the castle became symbolic, with a time when almost all monograph books on Transylvania included a representation of the monument. The heirs of the Bethlen family still live today in Târgu-Mureș and through their sustained effort, the castle has been recovered, restored and offered not only to the tourist circuit, but also to the community, often having non-formal education activities with the little ones.     Discover in Criş! · The Evangelical Church · The Orthodox Church, built in 1760 · Delicious and healthy fruit producers · Reservation of fluffy oak [I26] Be active in a protected area and discover the surrounding hills on foot, by cart or by bike. Here are some recommended routes: o Criş - Stejăreni - Mălâncrav, blue band route o Criş - Floresti, blue cross route o Criş - Breite Plateau - Sighişoara - blue band + red band o Criş - Biertan - blue band For more routes, see recommended routes [I27] or or plan your own route [I28]

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