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The settlement of Apold existed before the Saxon colonists came. The town of Apold made its first documentary appearance in a writing of 1309, the year in which Nikolaus de Apoldia was recorded among those who sued the bishop of Alba Iulia. The evangelical church and the fortified enclosure retain today's appearance almost identical to that of the medieval period, preserving not only the walls and defense towers, but also the chambers. Remarkable and weighty thing in the importance of the monument of Apold, which survived so well in spite of many Ottoman expeditions that fell upon them. At Apold you can see live the tasks that the designated guardian of the fortress has had over time. Hundreds of years ago, he was supposed to be on the lookout for possible enemies, ringing bells and warming the community meeting room.   Visiting program: May-September: Monday-Sunday, 11am to 3pm Guides in German, English and Romanian - contact Sebastian Bethge, tel .: +40/722/208495   What you can do at Apold: · To go see the glimpses or the moviles from the exit to Brădeni - those mysterious elevations, like miniature hills, extremely interesting for geologists, subject of legends for the locals · To participate in one of the training courses for local craftsmen, of traditional restoration techniques · Take a coloring lesson with plant fabrics - contact: 0724462815   + "more details":   The church in Apold dates from the 12th century. XV, and from its defensive systems there is still the outer enclosure wall and three defense towers. On the north side there is a house for supplies. Inside the church there is the altar classified with organ gallery from 1821, the Gothic tabernacle, as well as the pulpit and wooden galleries dating from 1760.   The Apollo is also special because one of the most famous German-speaking poets in the Romanian area was born here, the teacher, Michael Albert, Joseph Haltrich's pupil - teacher, philologist, priest and Saxon ethnographer from Transylvania, the greatest story collector. and Saxon folk poems. There are many poems related to Michael Albert's name, many of which are recited at Christmas in Saxon families.

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