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Landscape education in schools

When it comes to the maturity of a community, the attention given to its youth is an essential indicator. We have turned our focus towards the youth of the Transylvanian Hills and conceived a project that is as useful as it is engaging!

The project aims to empower young people regarding the environment and community, serving as an effective means to highlight the values of our eco-destination and encourage youth involvement in preserving nature, heritage, and traditions.

We intend to bring the classrooms of schools in the Transylvanian Hills into the heart of communities, traditions, and nature. Students will have the opportunity to understand the surrounding environment through practical and captivating activities.

Through the optional subject "Landscape Education," included in the 2024 school curriculum following the signing of collaboration protocols with the County Inspectorates of Mureș, Sibiu, and Brașov, we will create a specialized course about the Transylvanian Hills Eco-destination. The main goal is to facilitate the importance of preserving the natural and cultural space in which we live, to highlight the values and resources that these places have to offer.

The manual developed in collaboration with partners will provide students with practical information and age-appropriate activities, helping them explore the richness of biodiversity, heritage, people, and culture that define this unique destination in Europe.

Teachers, trained by field experts, will guide students on this journey of knowledge, encouraging them to discover the charm of the medieval landscape of Europe and to develop a profound awareness of the importance of conserving the Transylvanian Hills Eco-destination.

Collaboration with partners - schools, local NGOs, the community - will multiply the impact of project activities, ensuring that our efforts bring about small changes in the community.

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