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Dear traveler, be humble!

Saxon villages, villages full of history, stories and Ilene Cosânzene that have long aged together with their falling houses. However, old, cracked, these houses have a gift, they invite you to dream. There is a lot of peace here ....
You stop in front of one and maybe, if the facade is still in place you can glimpse the year of construction, then you wonder how many generations lived there, how it still stands, why it is now abandoned. Is she abandoned? You slowly begin to notice details, similarities and that something that makes her stand out, that something that made you stop in front of her. A few houses later there is one that shines, someone saved it from the clutches of indifference. You look at her with admiration, you know that you could do the same thing to the one you stopped in front of, or maybe even more.

Many of you have probably felt like me and it's hard to take the next step, when it comes to just taking the village step by step and not saving it, because it's too early and I can't afford it, and maybe it's too far. However, you hope in the depths of your soul that for someone it will not be too early, too far away and to allow themselves to make it shine again. You promise to come back and admire her. The houses here are snatching promises like this from me.  

Visitor, be humble! Do not expect the comfort and novelty related to the holidays spent in foreign lands and which you had to leave behind. Expect something you already knew, saw in your grandparents, or that your parents told you about.  I know, not everyone feels that emotion that I feel while looking from an dusty road at an old house, or a beam that says 1775, yes 1775, I can't believe my eyes. 

That's why I ask the visitor to be humble, don't be upset that the floors and beds creak where you will stay, or that it smells of smoke. Search deep into your soul and you will surely find something that cries out for joy. That inner cry will make you forget that the village is too quiet and far too empty.  Its existence or lack confirms that you are in a place where for some everything happens, and for others nothing. That's why I humbly fell in love. 

 Story: Toma Nicoleta Claudia (WWF Romania) Photos  by Csiszar Barna

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