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Live our story and bring your family along

Peacefulness, rural blessing and returning to nature and to the simple life – are these key elements you are looking for when travelling with your family?

Then, you are in the right place !

The peace that spreads over the villages of Transylvanian Highlands makes it the ideal destination for perfect family moments.

👍 Our recommendations:

- 🏃‍♀️ 🚴‍♂️🏇 Wander all day up and down the village streets with no cares in the world - say hello to funny geese or meet pitoresques cow herds that pass undisturbed through the village

- 🏡 Explore the guesthouses with natural gardens that will help you (re)discover the charm of traditional households

- ⛪️Visit the fortified and orthodox churches, learn about the multicultural communities that have been living here together since the Middle Age

- 🍲 Try the local cooking - aside from delicious rich soups or traditional stews, prepare to be amazed by wonderful combinations and creative use of nature's treasures. Cooking classes are also a fun activity to share with the whole family - learn how to bake bread or delicious deserts the old fashion way, search for local plants and spices that will magically turn into interesting recipes.

- 👨‍🔧Several traditional farms are open to visitors (upon reservation), others may welcome you for lunch. It is a way you can show your support for the local economy that will prolongue the vacation spirit. Petting farms are also a interesting idea.

- 🚴‍♂️ A great family experience is to participate in the amateurs sections at one of the two biking MTB competitions that take place in Transylvanian Highlands each year: Media Bike Marathon and TBT Race.

- 🎯 Geocaching activities will also be available soon to enhance the family experience and help you discover the gems of Transylvanian Highlands.

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