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Feel the simple village life

Transylvanian Highlands are a gateway to an authentic life in a intimate but safe enviroment, where you can enjoy a peaceful style, filled with colors and natural shapes. 

It is the only place in the world where you are going to find so many fortified churches grouped together. And also all the knows types of fortifications from the Middle Ages: churches with a fortified enclosure, fortified churches and church fortresses. When needed, they had the ability to transform themselves into impenetrable forts, displaying an interesting symbiosis of religious and military purpose as they were often used as places of refuge and defense by the inhabitants of that settlement.

These beautiful villages all have something in common: a specific system of land cultivation, a model of settlement and organization of traditional households, preserved since the Middle Ages.

However, each village is unique, not only because of the imposing fortified churches (you won't find two alike), but also by the way time and progress have shaped them since their creation as Saxon or Szekler settlements. 

With such a rich history and a tumultuous past, life in the Transylvanian Highlands flows calmly today, according to unwritten rules of harmony with nature.

The best way to feel this is to spend a few days in one of the guest houses owned by or managed by community members. They will keep you up to date with the village daily life: what is new, who left and who returned to the village, what attraction you should visit around the village, where the bear comes, what are the things not to be missed and what dishes you must try.

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