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Breath the nature

Transylvanian Highlands is a destination not to far from some of Romania's tourist hot-spots like Sibiu, Brașov and Sighișoara, along three river vallerys (Târnava Mare, Hârtibaciu and Olt). Located near other interesting destinations like Târgu Mureș, Făgăraș, Rupea or Mediaș, Transylvanian Highlands is one of the biggest protected Natura 2000 sites in the country. Here, nature not only looks but also is exceptional. 

You can discover all the natural treasures of the simple life we live in Transylvanian Highlands on more than 500 kilometers of marked tourist trails

They will lead you through misterious deciduous forests, grasslands filled with wild flowers and frisky butterflies, quiet pastures with secular trees, rich in nutrients for both domestic as well as wild animals that live here. 

On foot, by bike, in the saddle or in the confort of a traditional cart, let the nature in, discover the secrets, respect the wildlife.

Chase the butterflies like a child that sees them for the first time, hug a secular oak tree, follow the elegant flight of the lesser spotted eagle

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