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Open day at Ferma Țopa


Ferma Ecologică Țopa


28 august 2022, 07:00:00

Organized by:

Ferma ecologică Țopa, Colinele Transilvaniei, Căsuța din Țopa, Teli Iacşa

Autumn is not far away and preparations are already being made at Ferma Țopa.
Come and taste nature as it is preserved in vegetables cared for with soul, effort, attention and respect for the land and people.
If you want to try a bit of life on the farm, you can sign up for the tomato, beetroot, cucumber or pepper picking tournament.
As you cannot come to Țopa and leave without eating from the Cismaş family yard, you are also invited to to lunch, if you are hungry.
Lunch menu:
- appetizers: cheeses, sausage, eggplant, vegetables from the farm
- cauldron
- pies, lychee,
- water, soft drinks, coffee and treats for non-drivers.

The farm gates open at 10:00 am and stay open until 5:00 pm.
Lunch will be served around 13:00, it costs 60 lei per person. Children have a discount: free (1-5 years) or 50% (6-12 years). Lunch pre-reservations are mandatory. You can book your here:

You can take home products directly from the farm: vegetables, cow cheeses (curd, cheese with hot peppers and basil, cheese with black cumin), syrups (elder, mint, fir and rose buds).
And so that the little ones don't get bored, the little ones will have the opportunity to participate in a glass painting workshop. Price: 25 lei / child.

Details and bookings:

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