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Viscri cultural getaway by TBTRace 2021




26 august 2021, 13:00:00

Organized by:

NoMad Multisport, Fundația ADEPT Transilvania, Colinele Transilvaniei

- 16:00 Visit to the blacksmith from Viscri
- 16:50 Visit to the museum and fortified church in Viscri
- 17:30 Herbal tea and stories at Viscri 125

* For the cultural tour, sign up for the link in the details section.
** Another recommended bike ride is Viscri - Bunești - Viscri
Viscri-climb on the cobbled path - descent on the grass - crossing the road- climb on the grass hill (marking with tape / part of the competition route) - Bunești - Return on the road in Viscri / walk home - about 19km. See the route here:

The event schedule may be submitted to changes. For updated information please see:

Details and bookings:

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