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Venetic. Second Tale - Day 2




3 septembrie 2022, 14:00:00

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From 2nd to 4th September, we happily invite you to join Venetic. Second Tale, in Gherdeal!
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🌞 Three days in a Transylvanian village, close to the forest, with music, exhibitions, film screenings and creative workshops, with picturesque walks and delicious tastings. Venetic is a festival where we all have something to experience, regardless of age. Through time, it can become the place where you and your family can discover things in common and passions to explore the rest of the year, until we will meet again at the next edition. Together we create the Venetic story!
🌈 This year, the Venetic experience means:
✔ have old and unpaired Romanian music with Trei Parale
✔contemporary jazz with Radu Vâlcu Quintet
✔ listening session with Mihai Dobre aka Dobrică
✔ parties with Bogman
✔ surprise guests
✔ bronze sculpture exhibition by Cristian Crestincov
✔ photography exhibition by Cristina Bobe
✔ art and documentary movies for children and adults likewise
✔ for children: music workshop (Maria Balabaș), shadow theatre (Beatrice Iordan) and yoga (Johanna Forsberg)
✔ walks on the hills, vinyl or vintage clothing fair, a selection of local products.

👉 The general admittance fee is 220 Lei for three days. The number of tickets is limited.
👉 For the workshops dedicated to the children, we accept donations of at least 30 lei per day.
‼ Our neighbors from Hârtibaciu Valley pay one ticket and two persons join the party.
👉 The access can be made either with you personal 🚗 or with the train to Ucea.
‼ Attention! If you come with your personal 🚗, you will contribute to the planting of an orchard. The fee for carbon footprint is 20 lei / car.
We have alternative solutions to bring you from the train to the village. Please, ask us! You can send a message to
Yes, we will have for sale 🍗🍏🍸🍻! In the next months we will give more Information about our partners in the kitchen.
😴 You can sleep in the tent or in a camper near the festival location. For other options, please mail us.
💪 We need volunteers! If you want to join the Venetic team, write us a message at

✌ Our partners are : Băcănia Albota, Studioset, Cramele Jidvei, Diseno and Kitchen Tailors.

🍀 This is only the beginning of our journey, but we want to develop the festival primarily as a place for modern families, who value quality time, artistic experiences and a sustainable behavior in general.

Line-up Saturday, September 3
from 17.00: contemporary jazz with Radu Vâlcu Quintet, dancing party with DJ Bogman, surprise guests;
workshops for children - shadow theater (Beatrice Iordan), spontaneous composition (Maria Balabaș), yoga (Johanna Forsberg)

Related events: the bronze sculpture exhibition Cristian Crestincov and the photography exhibition Cristina Bobe, walks on the hills, vinyl or vintage clothes fair, selection of local products.

Details and bookings:

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