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Triada MTB Avrig 2024




13 aprilie 2024, 09:00:00

Organized by:

Triada MTB

It's been 10 years since Triada MTB stopped for the first time in Avrig, and we're waiting for all of you to celebrate with us.
Triada MTB Avrig 2024 is going to be an unmissable event for all mountain bike lovers, bringing the cycling community together in a spectacular and challenging setup.
With exciting courses, an atmosphere filled with positive energy and a dedicated off-road community, this year’s competition promises to stay long in the memory of the participants and will inspire new mountain biking enthusiasts - here in Romania and from around the global community, as we celebrate Avrig adventures together.
As every year, we will prepare the routes with a balanced mix of fast sectors, technical sections and demanding climbs, all within the impressive landscape of the Făgăraș Mountains. There will be 4 race distances, dedicated to any training level, an eMTB competition and children's races, all as the main ingredients of our 2024 anniversary edition.
This year Triada MTB Avrig will also host the 1st stage of The Romanian Mountain Bike XCM Cup.
Join us at Avrig in April to open the 13th season of Triada MTB!

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