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TRANS.FORT // Adaptive Conversion and Reuse Project


Biserica fortificată Apold (Mureș)


16 august 2023, 19:00:00

Organized by:

Asociația CasApold

CasApold Association is organizing a new groundbreaking project called TRANS.FORT, focused on adaptive reuse of the fortified church of Apold. This project involves adapting the interior of certain areas within the fortress into harmonized spaces that cater to the needs of contemporary society, providing the perfect setting for contemporary art and artistic interventions that go beyond the confines of a typical gallery space. In parallel, exhibitions will also showcase local research and documentation of history, as well as the conservation and restoration activities undertaken by members of the CasApold Association over the past 20 years.
All research, exhibitions will have an organic, dynamic, re-adapting throughout the summer until the end of the project on September 30th. The program will also include workshops and related events. Please follow the TRANS.FORT page for updated information.

Artists and projects:
Visual framework / artistic interventions / social engagement / natural awareness /

Daniel Gaciu (contemporary artist, Bucharest) will present his personal works alongside in-situ creations inspired by the local environment, using found objects to create harmony out of chaos.

Pojarnitza (healer, wild flora guide, Bucharest-Sibiu) explores how vegetation reflects local culture. She will create an immersive installation inspired by the energy of the earth, translated through the selection of plants that populate this space and are characteristic of the community.

Peisaj Deschis (a federation supporting the natural landscape of the Hartibaciului Plateau - Hosman) will facilitate discussions on the Transylvanian cultural landscape and the preservation needs necessary for conserving biodiversity and the unique local panorama.

Sebastian Bethge, the initiator of the CasApold Association, will curate a retrospective exhibition showcasing the conservation and restoration activities undertaken over the past 20 years, alongside the historical context of the local architecture and society.
The exhibitions will be open for visitors throughout the summer until September 30th, week from Tuesday to Saturday, between 10:00-13:00 and 14:00-17:00. Appointments can also be made through the TRANS.FORT website or by calling +40747110803.

TRANS.FORT project is supported by the Romanian Order of Architects from the Architectural Stamp Duty and the Consulate of the Federal Republic of Germany in Sibiu.
Partners : Apold City Hall, Hosman Durabil, Pojarnitza, Peisaj Deschis and Homemade Culture.

Details and bookings:

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