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Bike camp for children in Cloașterf 18 - 23 July 2021




18 iulie 2021, 11:00:00

Organized by:

Camping Zori

Camp for children aged 6 to 11 years.

We learn specific skills for:
- mountain biking (balance on ascent and descent, proper pace, correct braking, changing gears and sheets, turning, riding over ditches or obstacles, balance on ascent and descent)
- walk in nature (orientation with map or gps, preparation of the backpack for the tour)
- camping (to set up and dismantle tents)
- notions of safety and travel in protected natural areas (ecology, respect and protection of the places we pass, observation of the environment and learning useful details).
- repaired the bicycle (how to fix a breakdown, adjust a derailleur or replace a part that has failed)
- We work as a team!

Nr. places - maximum 12

Costs 1,300 lei / person. The price includes:
- accommodation 5 nights in tents for 2 and 4 people. Camping Zori provides the tents, the participants needing a sleeping bag and isoprene.
- 4-day cycling tours, with authorized guide, on asphalt and stone landscaping trails
- Fees for visiting tourist attractions in the area (Saschiz, Cloașterf, Criț)
- Games and contests
- 3 meals a day and snacks between meals
- Water provided during cycling tours
- Permanent supervision
- Campfire
- Photos from the camp on CD / memory stick
The price does not include transport to Cloașterf and return.

Other useful information:
- Arrival at the camp - Sunday, July 18, after 14:00
- Leaving the camp - Friday, July 23, at noon

Equipment needed:
- moutain bicycle - bike (bicycles can also be rented: 50 lei / day children up to 140 cm, 70 lei / day children over 140 cm)
- safety helmet
- bicycle gloves
- backpack or other water transport device

Discount for siblings: 10%

The camp is also accessible for children who do not want to stay overnight in the campsite, but only to participate in the program during the day - the cost is 500 lei / person / 4 days of cycling tours
The reservation is made with the payment of an advance of 300 lei / participant.

Registrations are made by email at, no later than July 14, 2021.

Important: access to the camp is made following a rapid SARS-VOC antigen test on arrival.

Details and bookings:

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