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Blumenhof Criț


5 august 2023, 11:00:00

Organized by:

Forumul Democrat al Germanilor din Județul Brașov / Brașov German Democratic Forum

An event dedicated to Saxon culture and not only.

Saturday, 05.08.2023 from 14.00
Sunday, 06.08.2023 from 11.00 am
Brass band "Tara Bârsei"
Korona Saxon Dance Troupe
Georgia Gulea - Pan flute
Hiking and Medicinal Plant Workshop
Lychee workshop
Hiking on the Via Transilvanica route

Reservations by Signal, Telegram or Email
0723 417141 /
Blumenhof Criț - No. 169
Criț Village, Bunești Commune

Details and bookings:

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