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SoNoRo Musikland - opening night




31 iulie 2020, 15:00:00

Organized by:

Organizator / Event organizer: Festivalul Sonoro, Colinele Transilvaniei

Save the Date for a memorable trip to Transylvania this summer! Between July 31 and August 9, the #SoNoRoMusikland Festival invites you to chamber music concerts in the gardens of fortified churches, in squares and bastions or to jamessions under the moonlight. The best holiday destination this summer is #TransylvanianHighlands.

The opening of the festival will take place in Meșendorf's Tanzplaz, starting 19.00 and am late night jam session, starting 22.00 at Meșendorf Gasthaus.

There is no entry fee, but places are limited to comply with legal provisions in the current pandemic context. Therefore, reservations are mandatory - by email at or by phone at 0741 190 470.

Details and bookings:

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