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Rhubarb Fest 2022




7 mai 2022, 07:00:00

Organized by:

Vecinătatea Femeilor Saschiz, Fundația ADEPT Transilvania, Colinele Transilvaniei Primăria comunei Saschiz, Consistoriul Evanghelic C.A. Saschiz, Asociatia YOYO, Hanul Cetății, Pensiunea Violeta, Centrul de Voluntariat Saschiz

There is plenty of rhubarb, here in the Transylvanian Highlands. That is why the Saschiz Women's Neighborhood has dedicated a holiday to her, starting in 2011. On the first weekend of May, when it's rhubarb time, come to the courtyard of the Evangelical Church in Saschiz, where the housewives, farmers and small producers from Saschiz and the Târnava Mare area will meet.

The day opens, as usual, with the Rhubarb March with fanfare music. Then you will be able to taste all kinds of dishes with something else, if not rhubarb: jams, cakes, pizza, candy or even soup. There will be contests with prizes, sightseeing tours, fun games for children.

The program is a work in progress. Stay tuned for details.

Details and bookings:

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