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Tomatoes, cheese and jazz at the old school in Angofa


Angofa, Sighișoara


30 august 2020, 12:00:00

Organized by:

Grădinile Mălâncrav, Carpathian Wildlife Tours, Colinele Transilvaniei

Sunday, August 30, from 15.00, when the sun is a bit less burning, meet us in the courtyard of the former school in Angofa to enjoy seasonal goodies from Malancrav Gardens and other local producers. We spread the table under the shade of beautiful trees, on the green grass and taste vegetables, cheeses and good wines listening to the sound of crickets, birds and jazz music. 🥂

100 RON (appetizer, main course, dessert + wine tasting)
Free for children under 12 years old.
❣️Prior reservation is mandatory via private message or by phone at +40 743 505 100.❣️

How to get there?
Angofa School is 15 minutes drive from Sighisoara, here:

Access can be done by:
• Personal car - a country road - use low speed to be kind to your car.
• Taxi - here are two contacts of taxi drivers who are willing to climb to the top: 0748621951; 0755830114.
• On foot, from the base of the country road you can reach the school in 25-30 minutes.
• By bike from Sighișoara (40-50 minutes of cycling at a moderate pace).

About the location:
The old school in Angofa was in an advanced stage of degradation until 2016. The building was taken over by the Adept Transilvania Foundation and a restaurant with support from the Marcela Trust. The works are almost completely completed, and the school has been transformed into an educational and tourist center for foreigners or locals interested in studying biodiversity in the region. Bird, bear and other wildlife tours are organized at the center.
We are happy to organize the first such event and we thank the Adept Transilvania Foundation for their support. 🙏🏻
Let's honor the last weekend of summer with a picnic in the middle of nature, at the former Angofa School, now transformed into a biodiversity research center.🌳🐻

Details and bookings:

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