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Transylvanian Wildlife and Lunch


Angofa Wildlife Center


23 mai 2021, 07:00:00

Organized by:

Angofa Wildlife Tours, Grădinile Mălâncrav, Fundația ADEPT Transilvania, Colinele Transilvaniei

Join us at the Angofa Wildlife Centre - just 15 minutes from Sighisoara - for an event that celebrates our unique local wildlife and delicious cuisine.

Our Transylvanian Wildlife and Lunch event will highlight the biodiversity of the local Transylvanian Highlands, where you will have the opportunity to join a local ecologist guide to explore fields and forests looking for birds, butterflies, and even deer if we are lucky!

We will lead groups of 10 people on walks through the neighbouring wildflower meadows and teach you about the local flora and fauna that we spot along the way. This activity is perfect for kids, as we’ll also catch butterflies and try to learn more about the species that surround us.

Hopefully, this walk will give you an appetite, since we’ll have an abundant traditional brunch waiting for you back in our peaceful garden when you return.
The brunch will include a buffet with local products and seasonal specialities, prepared exclusively with food from local farmers. You will be able to taste Transylvania through sweet and savoury recipes prepared by locals with love.

Come with us to celebrate the return of our migratory birds and butterflies with a delicious lunch featuring the best Transylvania has to offer!

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Please note: this event will be held outside due to Covid-19. If restrictions prevent the event from going forward, we will issue a full refund (fewer admin fees) to all attendees.

Details and bookings:

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