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A night at the Museum - Village edition - Discover Cincșor


sat Cincșor nr. 212, județul Brașov


2 septembrie 2023, 14:00:00

Organized by:

Asociația Contrafort Pro Kleinschenk/Cincșor, Kultur Project – Cincșor.Transilvania.Case de Oaspeți, Ordinul Arhitecților din România

The fortified church in Cincșor is the best and completely preserved Saxon fortified church in the Făgăraș area and one of the most picturesque in all of Transylvania. The village of Cincșor/ Kleinschenk is one of the oldest, the settlers here probably arrived in the first wave of colonization, together with those from the nearby village of Cincu, an important settlement in medieval times. Located in the middle of the field, near the main road that connects Brașov to Sibiu and right on the road that connects Făgăraș to Agnita, the German name of the village - Kleinschenk (in translation "small pub") - attests to its role as a stopover.

On the occasion of the Rural Museum Night, the public is invited to visit:
– in the church: the exhibition of artists participating in the Cincșor 2022 International Visual Art Residency;
- in the sacristy: the exhibition "Pewter Craft in Western Europe and Transylvania, XVI-XIX centuries", organized within the Cincșor Cultural Church project, supported by the Romanian Order of Architects from the Architecture Stamp.

Time schedule:
– 5:00 p.m., 6:30 p.m. and 10:00 p.m.: guided tour of the Cincșor Cultural Church and its ensemble (Romanian and English languages), with Cincșor pie tasting;
– 21:00: Organ concert with Martin Untch (organist).

Details and bookings:

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