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Take a ride on the Hârtibaciul Valley Old Steam Train Line


Gara Cornățel


27 iulie 2024, 07:00:00

Organized by:

Asociația Prietenii Mocăniței

Admire the superb landscapes of the Transylvanian Highlands from the train. The Hârtibaciu Valley old narrow gauged line that used to connect Sibiu and Sighișoara before the roads were built is still operating in tourist every week.
Departures are at 10:00 and 17:00, from Cornățel Station.

💶 Adult price (round trip): 30 lei
💷 Price for children (round trip): 20 lei

All aboard!

Children under 3 travel for free.

The journey takes about an hour and a half and the train consists of a diesel locomotive, two closed cars and an open car, with a total capacity of 90 seats.

Please note that we cannot guarantee that all persons for whom you purchase tickets will have adjacent seats on the train. If you are a large group, we recommend that you arrive early at the departure station to get adjacent seats.

Tickets are received upon boarding the train. They are not returnable, but can be used another time, in which case please let us know a few days in advance so we can reserve your seats. Please don't be late, the train will leave at the specified time!

📸 Asociatia Prietenii Mocăniței

Details and bookings:

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