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Puppet Show - The Gypsy Marionettist


Curtea Căminului Cultural Richiș


22 iunie 2024, 09:00:00

Organized by:

FITS 2024, Primăria Comunei Biertan

Each puppet, which was handmade and represents the artist's family members, creates a specific atmosphere and a different visual image.

As the strings are pulled, smiles appear on people's faces. This captivating and symbolic show reveals family relationships through strings skillfully manipulated. Rasid Nikolic retraces the path of a brave journey, from war-torn former Yugoslavia to Italy.

An enthusiastic and impatient skeleton, a kind but hungry tiger, a belly dancer, and many other characters delight the audience, from young to old.

The show is part of the program of the Sibiu International Theater Festival.

Details and bookings:

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