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Hike on Via Transilvanica: Mediaș - Nemșa


Mediaș, Turnul Forkesch (vizavi de Catedrala Ortodoxă)


2 decembrie 2023, 07:00:00

Organized by:

Anii Drumeției, Walking Tours Mediaș

On December 2, on a beautiful winter day, we invite you to jointly inaugurate part of the new segment of Via Transilvanica: Mediaș - Nemșa.
The old road, which connected Mediaș with Richiș, was moved a little further south, to pass through Moșna and then Nemșa. He continues to Richiș, but we will cover about 18 km and then we will stop at Casa Clopotarului, in Nemșa, to catch our breath and warm it up with a tea.
From Nemșa we will return on 4 wheels back to Mediaș.
Meeting: 9:00 am
Meeting place: Forkesch Tower (opposite the Orthodox Cathedral)
Strada Cloșca intersection with Strada Iorga ( 46.16210640207617, 24.354928809409387)
Route information:
Trail difficulty: medium;
Distance: 18 km
Total duration of the experience: 7 hours
Mandatory equipment:
Hiking boots;
Seasonally appropriate clothing (including gloves and scarf)
Water bottle
Snacks for the road
Equipment recommendations:
Trekking poles (if provided)
Guide: Ioana Patrășcoiu
Information by phone: 0 729 05 06 36
Costs: 120 lei/person
The price includes: guide, entrance to the Bell House, tea, road Nemșa - Mediaș
For tickets:
For children up to 14 years of age, participation in the hike is free, provided they are accompanied by an adult (parents are responsible for assessing the difficulty of the route for children).

Details and bookings:

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