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Hike on Via Transilvanica: Mediaș - Bazna - Târnava


Biserica Evang. Sf. Margareta Mediaș


12 martie 2023, 07:45:00

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Walking Tours Mediaș, Colinele Transilvaniei

Sunday, March 12, we enjoy a beautiful day and a hike along the Via Transilvanica.
We start from Mediaș, from the terminal in front of Sfânta Margareta (fortified church), we go to Bazna, we take a considerable break and then we continue our way to the town of Târnava.
The return from Târnava to Mediaș is by train.

We meet in front at the Saint Margaret's Church
George Enescu Square, no. 1 (46.165482, 24.350497)
Time: 9.45

Transport methods:
- From Sibiu, there is a 7.25 and an 8.05 train.
- If you come by car, there is free parking at the intersection of Str Unirii and Kogălniceanu on weekends
Hike information:
Distance: 24 km
Difference in level: 250 m
Route difficulty: medium
Duration of the hike: approximately 6 hours

Mandatory equipment:
- Mountain and seasonal boots
- Waterproof clothes
- Water thermos
- Snacks
Equipment recommendations (if any):
- Trekking poles

Total experience duration: 5 hours
Cost: 50 lei/person

Guide: Ioana Patrășcoiu
Phone: 0729 050636
Disclaimer: This experience takes place with a minimum group of 6 people.

Details and bookings:

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