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Hiking in the Transylvanian Highlands




3 mai 2024, 06:30:00

Organized by:

Anii Drumeției şi Walking Tours Medias

You are invited on May 3 for a hike through the Transylvanian Hills, following the route Mediaș-Ațel-Dupuș-Biertan. The hike includes visits to three fortified churches, a picnic at a scenic spot, and many stops in picturesque locations.

The schedule for the hike is as follows: the meeting point is in Mediaș, where you will take a minibus to Biertan. There, you will visit the first fortified church. Then, you walk towards Dupuș. After about 5 km, you will visit the fortified church in Dupuș, and then you head towards Ațel to visit the third fortified church. From Ațel, you return through the forest to Biertan and take the minibus back to Mediaș.

Departure is at 9:30 a.m., across from the Mediaș Synagogue (43 Kogălniceanu Street).

Details and bookings:

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