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Musical enchantment in the Rupea Fortress




27 iunie 2021, 14:00:00

Organized by:

Opera Brașov

Join us on Sunday, June 27, 2021, at 17.00, in the Rupea Fortress
Brașov Opera continues the series of recitals proposed in this important historical and tourist objective in Brașov County, with a special event signed by vocal quintet ANATOLY .

The repertoire is under the sign of love, friendship, joy and relaxation that comes from the thought of summer and vacation. The five musicians from Brasov will delight the audience with famous songs from the international repertoire: "Besame mucho", "Seaside Rendezvous", "Ciao bella, ciao", "New York, New York", with old Romanian songs, very popular: „Vrei sa ne-ntâlnim sâmbătă seară?”, „Inima-i un telefon”, but also with many other musical surprises, in the adaptations and arrangements of Ciprian Cucu and Ciprian Țuțu.
At the piano: Lioara Frățilă.

The vocal quintet ANATOLY:
Andrada Mureşan (alto) - teacher at the National College "Andrei Șaguna" Brașov,
Gabriel Baciu (tenor) - engineer CANAM Brașov,
Ciprian Cucu (tenor) - church singer; student at the Faculty of Music - „Transilvania” University of Brașov and the Faculty of Theology from Sibiu; also the group's musical arranger,
Ciprian Ţuţu (baritone) - associate professor, PhD at the “Transilvania” University of Brașov and the National University of Music in Bucharest; the conductor of the Bucharest Radio Academic Choir; also the group's musical arranger,
Marius Modiga (bass) - professor at the Theological Seminary "Dumitru Stăniloae" from Brașov, as well as the conductor of the Concentus Choir - Brașov.

Participation in the recital is conditioned only by purchasing a ticket to visit the Rupea Fortress!
Event held with the support of Brasov City Hall.

Details and bookings:

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