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Tastings in the farm: cheese and wine




8 octombrie 2022, 10:00:00

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Viscri 32 - White Barn and Blue House

We're closing out this year's wine tasting series with a selection of cheeses and wines like a prince would love to taste.

We open several bottles of Prince Matei, Petit Matei, as well as the limited edition Prince Matei x Viscri 32.
We bring buffalo cheeses from the hills of Meșendorf, matured from the milk of Bălțata Românească from the Trascău Mountains and sheep from the Ciucaș Mountains.
> Burrata and buffalo mozzarella from Rupea (@LactateTransilvania)
> Traditional sheep cheeses from the Ciucaș Mountains (Suciu Family)
> Ripened Apuseni, Tilsit and Trascău cheeses from Torockoi, Colțești village
> Sweet peppers and rhubarb from @Fundația Adept Transilvania, Saschiz
Wine pairing: @Domeniileprincematei

Saturday October 8 and Sunday October 9, in White Barn at Viscri 32.

Details and bookings:

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