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Concert "Turnul Fierarilor" with Sorina Rotaru (vocals) and Albert Tajti (Piano)




24 iulie 2021, 17:30:00

Organized by:

Turnul Fierarilor, Mihai Eminescu Trust, UCIMR, Icon Arts Academy, I Love Sighisoara.

The Blacksmiths' Tower celebrates its 1st anniversary with a special concert, under the "Transylvania Live" brand. The event stars Sorina Rotaru (vocals) and Albert Tajti (piano).
- The number of participants in the event is limited to 70 people.
- The event complies with all applicable COVID-19 pandemic regulations.

Ticket price: 40 lei
Tickets can be found physically at the Blacksmith's Tower or online on ENTERTIX.

Details and bookings:

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