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Outdoor Book Club: Nor's Vacation


Casa de lângă Sinagogă Mediaș / The House by the Synagogue


24 august 2023, 15:00:00

Organized by:

Club de carte Pam.Pam

This summer, we explore the new world of stories and spend time outdoors, in the wonderful courtyard of the House next to the Synagogue (opposite the Mediaș Bus Station).
We read, discuss and complete the reading experience with creative and fun workshops.
In August, at the outdoor book club we read "Nor's Holiday", a comic book, written and illustrated by Ileana and Maria Surducan.
"Oh and alas, what a cruel fate! The big holiday has come, but for poor Nor it's a real disaster. Instead of letting him play quietly on the computer, his parents take him to his grandparents, in a village forgotten by the world. No computer and no console charger! What could be worse? Grandpa grows clouds and wants to teach Cloud to take care of them too. Boring job... the puffy fluffy clouds melt in the sun and don't even listen to him at all. Fortunately, Nor will meet Skai, the Skaitian guardian, and Laci, the winged knight. And together they will face more dangers than in any computer game. Because in the forest lives a... REAL kite! "
"Nor's Vacation" is a book about friendship, courage, independence and the power of imagination!
Storyteller: Alina Pănăzan
Reservations: 0758785545 or email:
Contribution: 20 lei / person

Recommended age: 4+

Details and bookings:

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