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The magical acoustics of fortified churches, in a new concert vision at Mălâncrav


Biserica Fortificată Mălâncrav


23 octombrie 2022, 14:00:00

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On Sunday, October 23, from 17:00, the fortified Church of Mălâncrav will light its lanterns on the occasion of a inovative concert.
The "Residence Transilvanica" project proposes you to rediscover the enchanted land of Transylvania through six compositions inspired by six emblematic edifices, a cultural itinerary that also includes the fortified Church of Mălâncrav.
This concert, in particular, will be an opportunity to give back to the local community the story of these places revitalized by the versatile range of new music.
Results of an extensive immersive research project, the pieces in the program will be accompanied by the story of each space, part of a cultural route that began in the concert hall, on the stage of the State Philharmonic in Sibiu, and will continue step by step.

🎉 On Sunday, 11 artists will perform under the inspiration of the villages of Biertan, Copșa Mare, Cund, Valea Viilor, Cloașterf and Mălâncrav.
Access is free, subject to available seats, by reservation at

The program:
ICon Arts Percussion Ensemble
Coord. by Alexandru Anastasiu – vibraphone (National Radio Orchestra)

💎 Magdalena Białecka (Poland) - Cloașterf (for soprano - Veronica Anușca and percussion ensemble)
💎 Sebastian Țună (Romania) - Copșa Mare. Natural (for vibraphone – Alexandru Anastasiu and percussion ensemble)
💎 Áine Mallon (Ireland) – Cund (for accordion – Fernando Mihalache and percussion ensemble)
💎 Sebastian Androne - Nakanishi (Romania – Switzerland) – Mălâncrav Sélig (for violin – Ladislau Csendeș and percussion ensemble)
💎 Thomas Vieira (USA) – Biertan (for clarinet – Ciprian Dancu and percussion ensemble)
💎 Diana Gheorghiu (Romania) – Valea Viilor (for flute – Oana Silișteanu and percussion ensemble)

Each of the 6 pieces will constitute a part of a modular collective work, called "Suita Transilvanica”

⏳ Shortly after the premiere, the works will be available on multimedia support in the premises of each fortified church, part of the cultural itinerary proposed within this project.

"Residence Transilvanica" is a project organized by the UCIMR Association - the Interpretive Creation Union of Romanian Musicians, a cultural project co-financed by AFCN - the National Cultural Fund Administration.
🙏 Main partners: ICon Arts, Sibiu State Philharmonic, CJ Sibiu, The Contemporary Music Center Ireland, Mihai Eminescu Trust Foundation.
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Details and bookings:

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