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Chords, traditions and aromas


Stejărișu 195 Guesthouse


15 august 2023, 13:00:00

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Stejărișu 195 Guesthouse

Join us August 15, to Stejărișu, on an exciting journey that transcends borders and unites people through the universal language of music and taste!
Accords, Traditions and Flavors will be a celebration of cultural heritage, a musical and cultural event infused with an extraordinary selection of local gastronomy.
16:00 - Stejărișu Fortified Evangelical Church - Voice and tambourine concert Romulus Cipariu, the only artist who combines the chords of tambourine with his voice, in a delightful and emotional musical experiment. The acoustics of the location together with the carefully chosen pieces will turn this event into a memorable experience.
17:30 - Visit and bacon tasting - The Tower of Slăninil from the Fortified Evangelical Church in Stejărișu.
18:00 - All inclusive buffet in the courtyard of the Fortified Evangelical Church in Stejărișu. We will have a buffet where traditional cuisine will be combined with modern elements to create a visual and gustatory delight. The buffet will include cold dishes, dessert and drink at your discretion.
Access to the event is based on a ticket. The price of a ticket is 200 lei/person.
Information and reservations at: or phone: 0745.990.838
You're welcome!

Details and bookings:

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