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”6 Hands Lunch”: a Slovenian and Transylvanian Sunday Lunch in Viscri


Viscri 32 - White Barn and Blue House


29 octombrie 2023, 11:00:00

Organized by:

Viscri 32

Viscri 32 - Transylvania, 29th of October 2023, 1-5 PM – Save the date for a one-of-a-kind "6 Hands Lunch" in the picturesque village of Viscri, where you'll indulge in a memorable Sunday lunch.
Hosted by Transylvania's “2 Women Chef” Mara-Elena Oană of Viscri 32 and Oana Coantă from Bistro de l'Arte in collaboration with celebrated Slovenian Chef Miha Dolinar, offers an intimate, relaxed atmosphere that's the essence of a leisurely afternoon of gastronomic pleasure.
An Exclusive Culinary Gathering:
With seating limited to just 40, this gathering provides an exclusive opportunity to dine in a welcoming environment. The rustic charm of Viscri sets the stage for a Sunday lunch that promises to be cosy and tasteful.
Access to the event is only with a prior ticket on the platform.
The event consists of a fixed 6-course omnivore menu. Please note that vegetarian or vegan options are not available.
Amuse bouche
> Savoury & fried Papanaș.
> Mushroom stuffed chicken.
> Wild mushrooms beef consommé with dumplings and caramelized carrots.
> Poached trout in egg emulsion with pork cracklings and some kataifi.
Main dish
> Vegetarian Sarmale with roasted peppers and coarse cornmeal. .
> Glazed smoked beef tongue on a potato cream.
> “Bună de Ardeal” - a tomato and semolina cake.
> “Potica” stuffed with tarragon and cottage cheese.
An exclusive selection of red and white wines from “De Matei” wine cellar - Dealu Mare will be available in a pairing menu.

Details and bookings:

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