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Cornățel Petting Farm

DJ106 215, Cornăţel, Romania

+40 749 014 487, +40 743 005 512

Languages spoken:

english, spanish

Cornățel School Farm is, first and foremost, an educational center. A place where the little ones, and why not the big ones too, can interact with all the breeds of animals we have.

It is a relatively new concept in Romania, but very popular in other countries, an alternative to classical education. Here, together with the farm staff, children will learn the ABCs of living with nature, getting to know plants and animals.

At the Cornățel Farm you will be able to get in touch with Natural Horsemanship, a training method that strengthens the bond between man and the wonderful creature that is the horse.

The farm is NOT open to the general public, but only to organized groups! Therefore, reservation is necessary.

More info can be found on the farm's website or Facebook page.

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